4 February, 2020


The following activities are planned:

  1. evaluation of the economic sustainability of the marketing of healthy food products derived from the processing of hemp seed and of the enhancement for feed use of the larval biomass produced in the fiber cleaning phase.
  2. field trials at the partner farms and small plot tests at the Stuard demonstration farm using monoecious hemp cultivars.
  3. drying, storage and cold pressing of the seeds by a prototype plant in order to obtain hemp oil and flour.
  4. grooming, maceration in a prototype bioreactor and cleaning of the fiber with larvae of the dipteran Hermetia illucens.
  5. analysis of the hemp fiber, analysis of the seeds, characterization of the nutritional profile of hemp oil and hemp flour, characterization of the protein fraction of hemp flour, characterization of the nutritional profile of the larval biomass, production of functional foods and their technological characterization.
  6. production of ingredients from larval biomass for feed formulations.
  7. drafting of guidelines and operational protocols for operators of the sector.