21 August, 2020


Hemp is a low-input and renewal crop, which can replace corn or sunflower for the spring sowing in our territory, and is a crop of choice in the rotation of an organic farm (Grassi, 2016).

Hemp is a plant with multiple uses because seeds, stems and inflorescences are a source of raw materials of absolute interest for the food, textile, technical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Currently, the interest of the industry is mainly towards the oil, which is used for both cosmetics and food uses as it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (Ω-6) and α-linolenic acid (Ω-3) (Callaway, 2004; Porto et al., 2015). Nevertheless, there is also a growing interest in the protein component of hemp seed, thanks to its high digestibility and to the composition of essential amino acids. Protein hydrolysates of hemp seed have proven hypotensive and / or antioxidant effects (Girgih et al, 2013; 2014). In fact, hemp seed can be considered to all intents and purposes a non-leguminous protein seed (Ajello et al, 2016).


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